Ethan's Law

Signed June 06, 2008 by Gov. Blunt at 11:30am at the Reddings Mill Fire Department

Timeline of events:

August 08, 2007: Lawsuit filed in Jasper County Circuit Court on behalf of John and Lauren Cory

August 14, 2007: Meeting with State Representatives

August 17, 2007: Hearing scheduled for 1:30pm

February 05, 2008: Cory's spoke to the House of Representatives in Missouri . This represents the first step towards getting House Bill 1341 aka Ethan's Law passed. Afterwards the Senate would review the proposed bill.

February 28, 2008: The Missouri House of Representatives Special Committee voted "do pass" by a vote of 8 to 0. For a Summary of the Committee Version of the Bill, please click HERE

The following is a Summary of the Proposed Bill:

HB 1341 -- Swimming Pool Liability
Sponsor: Ruestman
This bill establishes Ethan's Law which requires the owner of a for-profit, privately owned swimming pool or facility to maintain adequate liability insurance in an amount of at least $1 million in the event of injury or death of a patron. For each day an owner violates the provisions of the bill, he or she will be subject to a fine of $100 and/or one day of confinement in jail.
Missouri House of Representatives

April 09, 2008: Ethan's Law was passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 148 to 5. Emergency Clause was also approved by a majority vote.

May 13, 2008: Ethan's Law was passed by the Senate and is awaiting Governor Blunts signature.

June 06, 2008: On this day, Ethan's Law was signed by Gov. Blunt at 11:30am at the Reddings Mill Fire Department.